3 Church Marketing Rules

Many times in churches, “marketing” is considered a bad word.  We immediately think of the corporate world, brand imaging, and expensive printing costs.  The truth of the matter is that all churches engage (knowingly or unknowingly) in marketing.  Everything your church communicates at a weekend service, in a church bulletin, a postcard, website, facebook page, or a bulletin board is marketing.  Therefore, it is critical that churches start to think through the things they say (or don’t say) and how it represents itself to its congregation and the outside community.

In light of this reality, here are three church marketing rules to keep in mind.

Rule 1: Raise the Volume, Not the Volume.
One of the biggest temptations in the church is to fill your bulletin to the brim with every event, program, ministry happening, prayer request, and birthday.  If you want to increase the effectiveness of your publications, define their purpose, and focus in on key events and ministries that you really want people to attend.  Therefore, you are raising the volume on certain ministries and events but increasing the volume of publications you put out.

Rule 2: Do Not SPAM
I know that you don’t like it when your email inbox or mailbox at home gets cluttered with junk mail.  Therefore, churches should not clutter the inboxes and mailboxes of the people in their church.  Limit your emails to one per week.  Any more than that and the people in your church will consider it as SPAM.  Even worse, they will not read it.  What good is an email or newsletter if your readers are tuned out?

Rule 3: Be heard, and listen.
Church marketing, at its core, is all about connecting with the people in your church and the people in your outside community.  Be sure that each publication has a purpose and that it is being effective in that purpose.  Most importantly, be sure to provide opportunities for feedback.  In everything you do, invite people in your church and community to give you feedback and insight so that you can grow and improve your ministry.